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“Kibun” group show

“Kibun”, a Japanese Low Blow Art Exhibition in Berlin
Exhibition duration: 23 September – 16 November 2011
Opening on Friday, September 23rd, 19:00/7pm

place: Le Petit Mignon (Staalplaat store)
Flughafenstr. 38, 12053 Berlin Neukoelln
Neukölln, Germany

About The Exhibition:

Following Daisuke Ichiba and Yasutoshi Yoshida exhibition in April this year, Le Petit Mignon is proud to host again selected works by artists and graphic designers of the Tokyo underground scene. Currated by extreme laptop musician and manga writer and designer Maruosa, “Kibun” will open on Friday September 23rd in the presence of some of the artists, featuring Live Painting, Djs and Live Act(s) (Dj Kwatsch, Michail Stangi -Aera Boy-, MSG).

“What image do you have of Japan?

Through this exhibition, the values that you see as representative of Japan will be transformed. Real low blow art (Low Blow Art) of Japan is coming to Berlin, and not just the Otaku scene that you might expect.

Life has been very unstable since the big earthquake, but we will maintain consistent power by reflecting this huge negative energy.

Ladies and gentlemen, please feel our current “Feelings (KIBUN).”

“オタク”という言葉ではひとくくりに出来ない、日本のリアルローブローアート(Low Blow Art)が ベルリンに集結します。


皆さん、今の私たちの”気分(KIBUN)” を感じ取ってください。

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